EMCA Single Cone Backshell With Strain Relief

The EMCA Single Cone Shield With Strain Relief Terminating Backshells require no special tooling unlike the Banding style backshells

  • Termination of screened and braided cables.
  • For high level shielding effectiveness.
  • Environmental sealing performance acc. to VG 95319-1011.
  • Also suitable for double screened cables
  • Screen termination using cone-shaped nut
  • Sealing and strain relief
  • No special tooling required for screen / braid termination

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Single Cone Backshell to Suit MIL-DTL-38999 Series III

  • A39-120- _ _ Straight

Single Cone Backshell to Suit VG96912

  • A59-136- _ _ Straight