EMCA EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Backshell

EMCA EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Backshell With Strain Relief

EMI/RFI non-environmental backshells vary from standard non-environmental backshells in their ability to offer protection from EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) in climate-controlled environments. They are not acceptable for harsh environments; if your application requires harsh-environment use, please see our selection of EMI/RFI environmental circular connector backshells.

In addition to EMI/RFI protection, these circular connector backshells offer 360-degree shield/screen termination facility in your circular connector. EMI/RFI non-environmental circular connector backshells are approved for use in both military and commercial construction. Various metal and nonmetal platings and finishes make this backshell ideal for weight-restrictive operations. The unique construction offers low DC resistance across the termination area, enhancing the performance of the connector overall

  • Termination of screened and unscreened cables with low EMI shielding requirements.
  • Non-environmentally sealed.
  • Suitable for the termination of single or multiple cables.


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EMCA EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Backshell With Strain Relief to suit MIL-DTL-38999 Series III

  • A39-829- _ _ Straight

EMCA EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Backshell With Strain Relief to Suit VG96912

  • A59-830- _ _ Straight